Football, Compressed Air Systems, and the Importance of Teamwork

Football Teamwork


Ahh… Football season is back in full swing. Tis the season for tailgating, Monday morning quarterbacking and donning the colors of our favorite team. Whether your team is VA Tech or UVA; the Redskins or the Cowboys; we can all agree it takes a team to succeed. No single player, no matter how good he is, can carry the entire team on his back. Each player has a role to do for the success of the team. Yes, the quarterbacks and running backs get all the hype. But how many passes could they complete or how many yards could be rushed without the linemen doing their job?

“Teamwork makes the dream work, but a vision becomes a nightmare when the leader has a big dream and a bad team.”
— John C. Maxwell

Condensate Drains: The Linemen of the Compressed Air System

So it is in a compressed air system. Each component has a job to do, and if one component fails to do its job the whole team looks bad. The stars are the compressors and dryers, the quarterbacks and running backs; they get all the attention.

  • Careful consideration goes into choosing the air compressor based on efficiency, capacity, pressure and reputation.
  • The dryers are chosen based on dewpoint, efficiency and sizing.

But the lowly old condensate drains down in the trenches are at best an afterthought in most systems. Typically not much thought past how much they cost is ever considered. These are the linemen of a compressed air system. Yet, if the drain traps fail, the whole system loses.

Why choose the most efficient combination of air compressor and dryer only to waste that money on an inefficient and unreliable condensate drain?

As the old saying goes:

“The least expensive tool will end up costing you the most money.”

In our next post, we’ll explore each option, lay out the pros and cons of each, and let you decide which is the best choice for your compressed air system.

If your compressed air system is disappointing you or causing you too many headaches, give us a call at (540) 728-1147. We will perform a no cost walk-through inspection and bring to your attention areas of concern.

See you next week!