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Is your air compressor salesperson certified?

What is the definition of a system? Webster’s defines a system as: an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole:

Thus to work on and make recommendations to improve a system, one has to understand each aspect that makes up a system. The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) takes education seriously. They desire each person in the field making recommendations to be knowledgeable in all parts/components that make up a compressed air system.

Speaking to you “system specialist”, “account managers”, “Project Engineers” – whatever you have on your business card – in the end we are all the dreaded “Salesperson”. How many of you have come behind another in an attempt to correct a situation – only to find an end user who views you with skepticism because the previous salesperson misapplied a compressors, dryer, tank or filter?

End users – I can honestly say in my 24-years in this business I can count on one hand the salespeople I have run into that only think of the profit they can get out of you. The rest are honest and well meaning. However, I can say there is a wide range of education among Compressed Air Salespeople.

Here at Atlantic Compressors we strive to educate each one of our employees. Our service technicians attend all of the factory classes as well as the TPC online training supported by the Association for Independent Compressor Distributors (ACID).

Now we can add the Certified Compressed Air System Specialist to the list for our President, Bill Rimer. Bill already has achieved multiple certifications in the field:

  • Kfact Master Certified from Kaeser Compressors
  • Boge Advanced Training
  • CAGI Level I and II
  • Department of Energy AIRMaster+

So ask yourself before you issue the next Purchase Order for an improvement to your compressed air system – Is your salesperson certified? Are you confident in their recommendations? Will the new system perform and deliver the energy savings promised?

CAGI CASS Certification

Atlantic Compressors has the only Certified Compressed Air System Specialist in SW Virginia. Check the online directory at:

Wal-Mart, Amazon, and Compressor Distributors

Is your compressed air system service company providing excellent service?

When I was a kid my mom and I would shop for new school clothes, church clothes or anything else down at the local stores. No malls, no box stores, and certainly no Internet options. Since then, our shopping options have changed dramatically.

Compressor distributorships historically have been relatively small local or regional companies, staffed with professionals who grew up in the area and knew their clients well. This strategy worked well for decades, and still does in many areas. However, our industry – like the retail world – has undergone dramatic changes.

Small regional companies have increased the size of their footprint by acquiring smaller local distributorships. Some of these distributors now cover several states with multiple branches to serve their customers. A few compressor manufacturers have adopted a direct sell strategy – cutting out the local distributor completely.

We have all heard the discussion before: Is Wal-Mart good for Main Street? Is Amazon good for the brick and mortar retailers? Personally I don’t shop, but my wife does. And she shops at all these places, including the local retailers.

I know if the core goal of any company is to serve their clients with the superior customer service and competitive pricing, the company will grow and prosper. No one business model is superior to another without the dedication of the owner. The owner needs to hire great employees and instill a culture of dedication to its customers. That is what we do here at Atlantic Compressors – and we have continued to grow without sacrificing our core beliefs. If your distributor is not performing up to your high standards, give us call at (540) 728-1134.

How to Choose a Service Provider for Your Compressed Air System

How to Choose a Contractor for Your Compressed Air System

At one time or another we all have to enlist the services of a professional.
How do you decide which provider you hire?

Here are few reasons we all may choose one professional over another:

  • Price
  • Convenience
  • Reputation / Recommendation
  • Advertising ( We may not want admit it, but it does work.)

Choosing a Service Provider for Your Plant’s Compressed Air System

Not saying any of the above reasons are right or wrong, but when it comes to choosing a service provider for your plant’s compressed air system are there other areas that you should consider? After all, the compressed air system is an extremely vital part of any plant. Should you entrust it to the least expensive provider?

The production of compressed air is a dynamic system. Many factors will affect its performance and reliability. Some of these factors may have nothing to do with the air compressor itself – or even be in the compressor room. So the next time you receive a call from a prospecting compressed air provider – or you are looking to evaluate your current supplier – here are a few areas you may wish to consider:

1. Training

TrainingAsk the company to provide training documentation for their sales and service personnel. There are many resources available today for training. The best training would be a combination of both manufacturer and independent sources.

The company should seek a consultative, systems approach to the compressor system.

Most systems do not need a complete overhaul with new equipment; they need the currently installed equipment to work together. A true professional will address these issues systematically and provide real world, affordable solutions.

2. Service Availability

Service AvailabilityMany facilities operate around the clock. How available is your service provider? Are they available after hours and on weekends?

If so, do they typically stock the components that regularly take down compressed air components? No compressor house will be able to stock every single part ever needed on the service van, but are they making an effort to stock the common parts? Take a look inside your provider’s van next time they are on-site.

3. Ancillary Equipment

ServiceAs we know a compressed air system is comprised of more than just the air compressor. There are dryers, filters, drains, master controllers and flow controllers. Most every distributor has all of these items and more available for sale.

Do they service what they sell?

But do they work on everything they sell? With something as important as a compressed air system, I fail to understand why anyone would buy from someone who does not service the equipment they sell.

4. System Auditing

AirMaster+ CertificationThis is an area of exponential growth in the last 10+ years. But this type of growth, the end result sometimes gets “watered” down. What was once an area for only the most highly trained individuals, now is available to even the greenest of sales people. Are all audit results the same?

Here a few questions to ask prior to purchasing an audit:

  1. What training have they received to analyze a compressor system?
  2. What type of simulation software are they using? (It’s funny how a manufacturer’s software always recommends their equipment.)
  3. Ask for recommendations and previous audit reports.
  4. Do they guarantee their performance recommendations?

5. The Ability to Harmonize

HarmonizationI have zero musical ability; so I am always impressed with those who do. Take a barbershop quartet – the harmonization among them is extremely impressive. Does your compressor system sing in harmony? Or does it sound more like me? Most compressor systems are not all the same color (ie: from the same manufacturer). So how can we be sure everyone plays well together?

A distributor’s true colors will show when asked to get multiple compressors from different manufacturers, coupled with various air treatment equipment to operate at peak efficiency and reliability.

For more detailed guidelines for choosing a compressed air system provider, consult the Compressed Air Challenge website at

Choosing a Contractor for Your Compressed Air Systeem
Click here to download the infographic in PDF format.

Atlantic Compressors is a full-service distributor, offering engineering services, and equipment sales and rentals. Our service department is fully staffed and trained to provide routine and emergency service on most makes and models of air compressor equipment.

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