What is the definition of a system? Webster’s defines a system as: an assemblage or combination of things or parts forming a complex or unitary whole:

Thus to work on and make recommendations to improve a system, one has to understand each aspect that makes up a system. The Compressed Air and Gas Institute (CAGI) takes education seriously. They desire each person in the field making recommendations to be knowledgeable in all parts/components that make up a compressed air system.

Speaking to you “system specialist”, “account managers”, “Project Engineers” – whatever you have on your business card – in the end we are all the dreaded “Salesperson”. How many of you have come behind another in an attempt to correct a situation – only to find an end user who views you with skepticism because the previous salesperson misapplied a compressors, dryer, tank or filter?

End users – I can honestly say in my 24-years in this business I can count on one hand the salespeople I have run into that only think of the profit they can get out of you. The rest are honest and well meaning. However, I can say there is a wide range of education among Compressed Air Salespeople.

Here at Atlantic Compressors we strive to educate each one of our employees. Our service technicians attend all of the factory classes as well as the TPC online training supported by the Association for Independent Compressor Distributors (ACID).

Now we can add the Certified Compressed Air System Specialist to the list for our President, Bill Rimer. Bill already has achieved multiple certifications in the field:

Kfact Master Certified from Kaeser Compressors
Boge Advanced Training
CAGI Level I and II
Department of Energy AIRMaster+

So ask yourself before you issue the next Purchase Order for an improvement to your compressed air system – Is your salesperson certified? Are you confident in their recommendations? Will the new system perform and deliver the energy savings promised?

Atlantic Compressors has the only Certified Compressed Air System Specialist in SW Virginia. Check the online directory at: https://www.cagi.org/personnel-certification/ccass-directory-access.aspx

CAGI Certified