When I was a kid my mom and I would shop for new school clothes, church clothes or anything else down at the local stores. No malls, no box stores, and certainly no Internet options. Since then, our shopping options have changed dramatically.

Compressor distributorships historically have been relatively small local or regional companies, staffed with professionals who grew up in the area and knew their clients well. This strategy worked well for decades, and still does in many areas. However, our industry – like the retail world – has undergone dramatic changes.

Small regional companies have increased the size of their footprint by acquiring smaller local distributorships. Some of these distributors now cover several states with multiple branches to serve their customers. A few compressor manufacturers have adopted a direct sell strategy – cutting out the local distributor completely.

We have all heard the discussion before: Is Wal-Mart good for Main Street? Is Amazon good for the brick and mortar retailers? Personally I don’t shop, but my wife does. And she shops at all these places, including the local retailers.

I know if the core goal of any company is to serve their clients with the superior customer service and competitive pricing, the company will grow and prosper. No one business model is superior to another without the dedication of the owner. The owner needs to hire great employees and instill a culture of dedication to its customers. That is what we do here at Atlantic Compressors – and we have continued to grow without sacrificing our core beliefs. If your distributor is not performing up to your high standards, give us call at (540) 728-1134.